Having obtained the Certified Management Consultant designation, CMCs are passionate about providing their Clients with the highest quality Professional Services to achieve the maximum level of Success at Client Organizations.  CMCs have demonstrated a specific set of highly-valued competencies with a wide variety of expertise and experience which must be performed in compliance with the Code of Professional Conduct.



With an increasingly competitive marketplace and unpredictable economic conditions, the challenges faced by Client Organizations require that specific resources & skill-sets be brought together in a coordinated fashion.  Many Clients have limited options to search for, assess and select the best team members to solve their challenges and successfully manage the execution of their projects.   


Bringing Clients and CMCs together

The principal objective of this website is to provide both Clients and CMCs an easy and no cost alternative to connect together and form a unique team of professionals for specific projects and opportunities.

This website differs from other networking sites, including official CMC websites, in that Clients can also access and actively participate in Client-Centric Forums, the Marketplace and Polls.  We also welcome CMCs and pre-CMCs that are current members in any recognized CMC Institute/Organization as listed on ICMCI. It is not uncommon to have opportunities that cross borders, and CMCs are prepared to collaborate and successfully implement custom, localized solutions that also meet a common, central set of Core requirements.

As a visitor to this website feel free to participate in our Polls, or search and directly contact the CMCs listed in our database to talk about the challenges and projects at your Organization. Additionally, you have the option to Register for a Login and make use of extended features inside the website as a Client, pre-CMC or CMC.  For example, use the private contact form to reach out to any other registered user, as well as participate in our Polls, Forums and Opportunity Marketplace, where you can post or comment on a limitless number of topics, such as:

  • post career and project opportunities, or find others looking for joint ventures & team collaboration, 
  • obtain feedback and opinions from other Clients, CMCs and pre-CMCs on issues or problem solving,
  • share ideas on consulting-business related items (business development, team management, client management, contracts, education and learning, etc.)
  • obtain feedback and opinions from CMCs, pre-CMCs, and other Clients on issues or projects at your organization,
  • obtain ideas on how to staff your next project, setup up the right framework, etc.


Comments? Ideas? Feedback?

Feel free to review our Key Features and share your ideas on how to improve this website by Contacting Us